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2014 Calendar pressed flower images

My calligraphy and pressed flower calendar for 2014 has some interesting images and I would like to tell you about them. First of all this is a desktop calendar in a CD case. That means you flip the case open … Continue reading

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Would you like wine with that??

When I read how to press grapes (not in the wine press) I just had to try it. This blog gives you some pointers on doing it.  First of all, choose plump healthy grapes – grocery store variety is fine.  … Continue reading

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Send one of THESE to your Valentine

Hello Valentines: What could be more “VALENTINE” than the Copperplate calligraphy script? I am working diligently to learn how to do this very elegant form of writing.  It would certainly take us back to  Victorian times which Valentine’s Day celebrates. … Continue reading

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The Christmas Card Story

As I developed a nice line of note cards, I realized that I had better come up with some CHRISTMAS CARDS.  So I began to do that.  The first Christmas card was not so hard.  I wanted to create a … Continue reading

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Guara and Gazania Flowers

The sky has that wonderful deep blue hue of October.  Most of the season’s pressing is finished. The last things I pressed were actually today when I pressed some guara and some gazania.  Here is some information on both of … Continue reading

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