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2014 Calendar pressed flower images

My calligraphy and pressed flower calendar for 2014 has some interesting images and I would like to tell you about them. First of all this is a desktop calendar in a CD case. That means you flip the case open … Continue reading

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Pressed Flower 2013 calendar story

The 2013 Pressed Flower calligraphy calendar shows lovely selections to make each month a beautiful one for you. I press all my flowers. They are from my garden, my friends gardens, from paths along the way and SOMETIMES they may … Continue reading

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Using Botanical Mushrooms for Spore Prints and other cool things

I AM SEEING MUSHROOMS AROUND SO I THINK IT MIGHT BE A GOOD TIME TO REPOST THIS INSTRUCTIONAL BLOG.   Aren’t mushrooms attractive?  They spring up and they have such different forms and they are so mysterious. I want to … Continue reading

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My favorite vegetables begin with A

Well, most of them do.  My very favorite are artichokes.  They are just so GOOD.  I cut off the prickly ends and then steam them in water which has some lemon added (prevents discoloration). After about 25 minutes they are … Continue reading

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The Christmas Card Story

As I developed a nice line of note cards, I realized that I had better come up with some CHRISTMAS CARDS.  So I began to do that.  The first Christmas card was not so hard.  I wanted to create a … Continue reading

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