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Pressed flower and calligraphy artist specializing in stationery designs that celebrate life and beauty.

Wedding bouquet preservation

Scanography is an interesting form of photography and I am using it to create everlasting floral imagery of wedding bouquets and then also adding the names & date in calligraphy into the finished piece.  So here is what you have: … Continue reading

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Scanography of wedding bouquets

Scanography is more commonly referred to as scanner photography. It is the process of capturing digitized images of objects for the purpose of creating printable art using a flatbed photo scanner. Fine art scanography differs from traditional document scanning by … Continue reading

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Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

  I LOVE FLOWERS   I love to grow them                                                   I love to photograph them … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on inspiration

My guides for inspiration.   Keep your eyes wide open for inspiration! Look for a beautiful sunset.  Feast your eyes on the perfection of flowers – the perfection of their colors and of their conformation. Did you realize that none … Continue reading

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On Winter

    THIS WAS TRUE WHEN I WROTE IT IN 2004 BUT IT IS NOT TRUE NOW!!!! Winter Winter-the very word is chilling, austere; And yet in the tangle of icicles, snow, sleet The heart beats with such strength as … Continue reading

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