Volunteering for OLLI

There are many rewards to volunteering especially when you are retired.  I often wonder how I ever had time to work.

One of my most rewarding volunteer stints has been being on the curriculum committee for OLLI (Osher Life Long Learning Institute) at Penn State York.  I have served in this capacity since the inception of OLLI 5 years ago.

There is a huge amount of work that goes into planning and presenting the presentations that OLLI gives.  We have a 10 week schedule twice a year and in that time frame have offered as many as 70 presentations per 10 weeks.  Also we have bus trips and various social activities.  Some of the presentations are a one time effort but we have 6 week series also.  All of these presenters must be contacted by curriculum committee members and then we must entice them to fill out forms  (the hardest part of this job).

Currently we are working a year in advance.  It is a fun job as finding new presenters is always a challenge and their willingness to teach us at no compensation is always rewarding.  Many are repeat presenters as it is so exhilirating to them to teach people who want to learn and who are very interested in the topics.

OLLI has given this community a forum for senior members who want to be active.  Our roster has grown rapidly and we who volunteer for OLLI have great pride in the organization.  There are many volunteer opportunities besides the curriculum committee.
Come and find out about OLLI.  Check the website to find out more.   olli.yk.psu.edu



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