January in the pressed flower artist’s world

There is not much pressing going on in January.  It is time to plan my year for art promotions,  art production, and to go to the movies.

Art promotions will include me joining the King’s Courtyard Collective Gallery at 124 E. King Street in March.  This is a collaberative effort by about 10 artists to provide an art experience in York, PA.  I am very excited about this.  The artists who are already involved have “approved” me and I have “approved” them.  A very nice group of people who are excellent artists.  You can get an idea about it at


This particular block of King Street is becoming the place to be for art.  There are several other addresses in the block that are art only. lavandewscHere is one of my botanic collages on canvas that will be available for purchase at the collective.

Art production has involved me attending a class at York Art Association in Abstract Collage.  I want to learn new techniques.  My collage work in the past has been on canvas and has involved botanic material.  This is on paper and involves layers of paint.  It kind of evolves as you go along.  I will be at the 4th session this week and so far I have some interesting parts of the large paper work.  I do not know if the total work will be pleasing to me but I can see where I could frame smaller sections of it.

Abstract collage


OK and for movies…gosh, there have been a lot of good ones.  “Les Mis” is one of my favorites.  But I also liked “Silver Linings Playbook” and then there was “Lincoln”.  The carpeting shown in the oval office and in another room of the White House was woven by
Family Heirloom Weavers of York.  Many other York references too as Thaddeus Stevens was living in York and of course we are pretty close to Gettysburg.

So my January has been quite productive and enjoyable.  Minimal snow is always a plus, too.



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