You can take good photographs in 2013

Good 2013!

Allow yourself to be creative in 2013.  Grab a camera and see the world through the lens.  Soon you will realize that you are isolating segmented areas to take photographs.

Then look at the background of that segmented area through the lens.  Does that background detract from your subject?  If so, try a different angle or zoom in and
eliminate some of the background.  Try photographing that subject from the back
or from the side.  Also from a lower level or a higher level than you used for the initial

Portland Rose Garden

Be aware of your light sources.   It is not good to shoot directly into the sun, unless you
want the effect of that and generally if so, you need to offset the sun from the subject.
I really like to play with this.  Sometimes just tipping the angle of the camera a bit can
create a very interesting composition.

Speaking of composition, remember the “rule of thirds”.  Draw imaginary lines on your viewfinder.  2 parallel horizontal lines and 2 parallel vertical lines will divide your field into 9 blocks.  The intersections of the lines are the spots that you want your subject to appear.  For example, you don’t want your person to be smack in the middle of the photo-if you place that person on one of the intersecting lines you are composing a more
appealing photograph.

Siesta Key

Siesta Key

These are a few things you can do to make your photographs more interesting.
Try it—you will LIKE it !

Happy shooting:

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