Pressed Flower 2013 calendar story

The 2013 Pressed Flower calligraphy calendar shows lovely selections to make each month a beautiful one for you.
I press all my flowers. They are from my garden, my friends gardens, from paths along the way and SOMETIMES they may be from secret sources. I make my own colored calligraphy ink using gouache, water and gum arabic.
I use Sumi ink for the black. The calligraphy is done with a dip pen generally with Brausse nibs.
Her we go:
January: is from a sprig of roses that when I turned them upside down, they formed a tree! Also holly and some verbena and Queen Anne’s Lace. A winter delight.
February: is from a botanic collage I made. It is on canvas and has an old paper quote (Within youself) along with music, coreopsis, mushrooms, and money plant.
March: March has hellebores-one of my favorites. They are also known as Lenten Roses. They begin to bloom in late January or maybe February. By March they are usually up and about. They come in a purply color, a greenish color and a black. I have all 3. They are perennials.
April: April is from a botanic collage. It has music, buttercups, red salvia and lots of background color mixed in the the gel medium I use to adhere the botanic material to the canvas.
May: Hydrangea, Queen Anne’s Lace, dianthus, and one of my favorites = nigella. Nigella is also called “love in a mist”. It has wonderful flowers, pods and leaf things going on.
June: I wrote this poem as fireflies always just blow me away. I am so excited to see the first ones appear in June. I used tomato blossoms to make the fireflies and corns silk and ferns are in there too.
July: On a background of music, a ribbon of red, white, and blue surrounds the verbena, gypsophilia, crown vetch, roses, four-leaf clover, bergamot, American Cranberry viburnum, lobelia and hydragea make up the red, white, and blue flowers.
August: is from a botanical collage that contains lavender, nigella, hydrangea, gallardia and lots of blue and yellow in the background.
September: A sunny day collage! The sun is a daisy, blue salvia, thyme, lavender and others bring this to life.
October: shows leaves, leaves, leaves in a botanic collage titled “A Walk in the Woods”. It has music, maples, oaks, passion vine tndrils, birch, Bradford pear and many other leaves.
November: this is froma wonderful collage of BIG mushrooms, and paper towels, and daisies, and numerous other flowers. The mushrooms were very tall and I cut them in cross sections and pressed them. It took a long time as they had a lot of moisture. They didn’t smell very good either !
December: is on a music background-is it a Christmas carol??? The tree is made form verbena, red salvia, buttercups, and ferns.

So these are the images. Each month has its own page. It comes in a CD case and you flip the front so that it
makes a display stand and VOILA—you have a lovely calendar. ENJOY!

These are available at    or call me at 888-871-8027 or e-mail me at
You can see other QuilliGraphy designs at
The calendars are 18.50 with free shipping.

My Best for this new year to you..May each month be as beautiful as the image in front of you.


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