Tips on sunset photography

Sunset Photo TipsI like to shoot into the sun.  This requires that I shield the lens from the direct sun by putting my hand up to block the sun and having the sun off center.

When you are taking a picture that has action, it helps to get down to the subject so you are closer to the level of the action.  I did this with the birds so that the shot shows them closer to their level instead of shooting it down on them.

Tips on Sunset photos

I really like to take silhouettes.  They add interest and perspective to the photograph.  They give it warmth and action too.

Sunset Photo TipsThis photo has good color saturation.  You have to keep waiting and taking photos every few minutes to catch the best color.

An important rule to remember-is the “rule of thirds”.  Following that rule has the horizon line in either the upper third or lower third of the picture-never in the center.

Sunset Photo Tips

And finally, I really liked the way the sun gave the gulf a golden path to the beach.

Sunset Photo TipsAll of these photographs were taken in January at Siesta Key, Florida.  My heart is still there !

Which of these photos do you like the best??   Let me know and thanks.


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One Response to Tips on sunset photography

  1. Terica says:

    Thanks for the tips on shooting in in the sunset. I love all the pics but the 1st family in the silhouette was great. peace