Would you like wine with that??

When I read how to press grapes (not in the wine press) I just had to try it.

This blog gives you some pointers on doing it.  First of all, choose plump healthy grapes – grocery store variety is fine.  I used red seedless ones.  I am going to try it with concord and also with green grapes.

grapes ready for pressing

Then cut the grapes into thirds.  Eat the center third.  Scrape the flesh away from the other sections and stuff them with little bits of paper towels (Viva is best as it does not have a pattern).

Paper towel in grape skins

After the paper towel bits are placed in the skins, you want to begin to press.  I used a press called Celestine’s Press.  It is a wood board, with sandwiches of soft material and cardboard and it has many layers one can use.  In this case since I was experimenting, I just had one layer.  So on the top then goes the other board and there are wing nuts on the metal posts to tighten.   After this the whole contraption goes into the car.

Celestine’s Press

It remains there for several days and then I carefully checked my results.

I again pressed them more, this time without the paper towels. The paper towels helped them to flatten out and not have too many wrinkles and also adsorb the moisture better.

Now I have some flat skins that I can make a bunch of grapes with. This is a very small bunch as I wanted to try this method before I went hog-wild about it.

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2 Responses to Would you like wine with that??

  1. Ramona Meyerhoff says:

    Hi Judy

    Wow. Sounds very labor intensive, but I’ll bet it’s going to be worth it because that is a very unusual item to see pressed. Do you ever dehydrate food before you press it? I wonder if that works.

    BTW – for some weird reason I have always been able to find 4 leaf clovers whenever I want. I found 4 a couple of weeks ago just by standing around waiting for my dog to take his potty break. They quickly shrivel up and look nasty. Can you suggest a way for me to preserve them? Also, if you need any, just let me know how to save them for you and I’ll get them to you. What’s surprising is that I do not have good luck as a rule. If only … !!



    • quilligraphy says:

      Hi Ramona:
      I don’t have good luck either & I never can find 4 leaf clovers :( There has to be a trick to it.
      As far as pressing them-you would need to do it as soon as you pick them-put them in a phone book & see how they come out.
      I suspect they are difficult and tend to wrinkle easily. The main thing is to press immediately. If you would dehydrate food it would be a different look. I am sure someone has done it-but not me.
      Best to you. Good to hear from you !