Using Botanical Mushrooms for Spore Prints and other cool things



Aren’t mushrooms attractive?  They spring up and they have such different forms and they are so mysterious.

I want to share a few mushroom designs and projects with you.

Let’s start with how to make a mushroom spore prints.


Choose mature mushrooms & carefully pick them-they are very fragile and will crumble easily.  Remove the stem as close to the cap as possible (I have found cutting it off with a scissors is good).  Lay spore side down & cover with a piece of paper or a jar – something to keep drafts away.  The spores will drop in 12 hours or so.

The pattern left by them is very easily ruined & you need to use a fixative if you want to keep it.

If you look on the bottom of the cap you will see the ribs where the spores are.  You can tell if the spores will be black or white or colored.

Choose a paper that will show the pattern.

It’s easy & fun.  Be sure to wash your hands & DO NOT TASTE the mushrooms.  Many are poisonous.  It’s probably a good idea to wear thin disposable gloves during the handling.

Do be careful—there are many dead mushroom hunters.

Edible Mushrooms and Recipes
Here is a good site about edible mushrooms and some yummy recipes:

Mushrooms in Art
And here is a picture of a collage I did on canvas.  The mushrooms I used in this art work were very tall, large mushrooms.  I saw them and had to collect them.  After cutting them into thin vertical slices, I laid them on paper towels and put them in a flower press.

It took a very long time for them to press as they had a high water content.  When I took them out of the press-they had laminated to the paper towels.  I could not remove them.  So I used them that way and made this botanical collage.

About quilligraphy

Pressed flower and calligraphy artist specializing in stationery designs that celebrate life and beauty.
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5 Responses to Using Botanical Mushrooms for Spore Prints and other cool things

  1. Terica says:

    These mushroom pictures are just gorgeous . Very inspiring too.
    Thanks so much for sharing this. Crossing my fingers all the mushrooms I saw today aren’t frozen tomorrow.

  2. Marie Ann says:

    These are wonderful Judy!! I tried pressing portabella mushrooms also last year and they stuck just like yours, but worked well. I put mine on tissue paper and then into my Microfleur. When I saw that they stuck to the tissue on the cut side I just cut around the edges and used that way. Have not tried wild mushrooms, but you have inspired me to find some next year…snow flying now.

  3. Aiko Loreg says:

    Hello! I just wished to take the time to create a remark as well as state I’ve really enjoyed reading through your blog. Thanks for all your work.