My favorite vegetables begin with A

Well, most of them do.  My very favorite are artichokes.  They are just so GOOD.  I cut off the prickly ends and then steam them in water which has some lemon added (prevents discoloration).

After about 25 minutes they are ready (you can fork them on the bottom to see that they are tender).  Preparing a dip for them is easy-I just use melted butter with a touch of hot sauce.

Hollandaise used to be the preferred dip but that was when I was young and thinner.  Just pull them through your teeth to get the meat  and you will be in heaven!

My second favorite vegetable is Asparagus.  We are entering asparagus season here in southcentral PA.  My sons used to think that their heads were going to turn green and pointy during asparagus season-probably did!

Check out this image to see mushrooms that were pressed and used on a botanic collage done on canvas.  I have used that to make giclee prints on cards.  These mushrooms took a very long time to press as they were quite large and had a lot of moisture in them.  They also were very pungent !

You can see these botanicollage cards at
They are 5×7 flat cards that fit into 5×7 frame. Collect all 8 designs for a display of
beautiful wall art.  The black around the image is to set off the image from the background-there is no black border on the art.

So all vegetables are not for eating-some are for art work !!!

Happy pressing.




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    I’m really liking the Inkpress Blog graphic. Nice depth, color and type.