I was asked out by a robot…

In about 1980, I was working as a pharmacist at a mall drugstore.  Every once in awhile, the mall would have promotions and events to bring in more shoppers.  They usually made a drab mall a bit brighter.

I will always remember ELRO.  He was part of a promotion.  He was an absolutely adorable robot of the R2D2 variety.  He would cruise the mall and talk with people.  He was quite a sensation.  He would come into the pharmacy and to the counter to chat.

 He had a visual device so he could see what people were wearing and would comment on them.  When he came to the pharmacy counter he could read my name tag and would call me by name.

He had a slot in his stomach where he produced an autographed copy of himself addressed to me and signed with love.

He came back a lot in the several days he was there and asked me to go to dinner with him on a Saturday night.  I was flabbergasted and did not know what to say.  I did know that there was a remote mobile unit where he was receiving his controls; so I knew that there was a real person involved. 

But I chickened out.  Now you know-if I am still remembering it, I should have gone.  But there is a cautious side that didn’t like meeting someone who knew things about me when I did not know anything about him.  I am sorry now that I did not keep the date as it has remained a mystery.

Gosh,  I wonder if my life would have been different ! I might have had little ‘droids!

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  1. Terica says:

    LOL , that was a cute story . Thanks for sharing ! Peace