Flowers, Flowers, Flowers



I love to grow them


                                                  I love to photograph themSONY DSC








I love cut flowers in the house



                 I love to press them for my artwork


Posy with bleeding hearts

See my pressed flower and calligraphy work at







And NOW I love to scan them for my new scanograpy work.


bridal bouquet








Visit my website to see all these beautiful scanography images.  You will be delighted.



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Some thoughts on inspiration

My guides for inspiration.


Keep your eyes wide open for inspiration!

Look for a beautiful sunset.  Feast your eyes on the perfection of flowers – the perfection of their colors and of their conformation. Did you realize that none of the colors in nature clash with each other?

See the world through the camera’s lens and you will be inspired by the beauty that you have chosen to record.  It will also help you to focus on your subject with clarity. This will give you an appreciation for form.

sunset photo tips


Keep your ears open for inspiration!

Listen to a John Phillip Sousa march: then listen for the sound of the birds singing on a new Spring day.

Hear the 23rd Psalm word for word.  Sit back and hear a Beethoven Symphony in your heart and WONDER that he was deaf.  It brings me to tears and I think you will experience joy.  Feel that experience; let it soak into your inner being; let it imprint on you.  When you need inspiration you can call up the memory of how you felt during those moments.Beethoven

Posy with Music

There are so many ways to be inspired and I will be blogging more about them.  For now please enjoy these and make them part of your inspiration journey.


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On Winter






Winter-the very word is chilling, austere;

And yet in the tangle of icicles, snow, sleet

The heart beats with such strength as to overwhelm.

We all know that Spring renews life

But without the death that is winter

there is no life to renew.

To reach the very core of one’s being is

to love winter – to exalt in the

clear, cold frosty nights and

the bright, sunny January days.

I never realized how much I love cold weather—

Until now.




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South Africa trip-part 4 Victoria Falls

Everything flies in and out of Johannesburg, so we left there to fly to Victoria Falls which is in Zimbabwe-a small country which borders South Africa.  Our next destination was to Botswana which borders both Zimbabwe and South Africa.  The Chobe National Park was there and we had land safaris as well as river excursions planned.

SONY DSCSONY DSC There were hippos galore. It is hard to believe that on land they can run up to
30 MPH for short distances.  They travel
on land at night as they are very sensitive
to the sun.



This was a HUGE one.  His tail was
even longer than his body.





This was a safer rhino at Victoria Falls where the shopping was abundant.




SONY DSC The falls were very impressive.  As it has been dry the
volume of water coming over them was not as much
as usual.  They were very long in width as well as
tall in height.








SONY DSCWe left after 16 days to return.  We had 8 flights-a few too many-too much time in lines and all the aggravation that airports inspire.


Would I go back?? You betcha’

I hope you have enjoyed this series depicting this magnificent trip.  I am much richer for experiencing it…………..Judy

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South Africa trip-part 3 (Johannesburg)

Joberg (as everyone calls it) is the largest city in South Africa.  Cape Town is the second largest.                                              SONY DSC  We were in Joberg on a day that was a national holiday and the line of people shown here were waiting to get into the Mandela house in Soweto.  Mandela was everything to the South Africans and there are many things to honor him.  This was one of the homes he had lived in.

We had lunch at a local restaurant and the entertainment afterwards also found lots of children hoping that we would be gracious.  We were!

SONY DSCWe saw children on school excursions and they were always very polite and well behaved and happy.  We didn’t see much squabbling or misbehavior.

SONY DSCWe were treated with respect and kindness in all aspects of this trip.  I was very impressed with the people of this country.  They were friendly and kind.  If one were to go out at night alone, that would not be recommended; but during the day in safe areas there was no danger.SONY DSC                          This darling little girl just loved posing for the camera!

My next post will go to Victoria Falls.  I just love reliving my wonderful trip.



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