Wedding bouquet preservation

Scanography is an interesting form of photography and I am using it to create everlasting floral imagery of wedding bouquets and then also adding the names & date in calligraphy into the finished piece.  So here is what you have:

White lilacs

White lilacs

What an excellent wedding gift or for any special occasion that flowers were an important memory.  Remember memories fade, but scanography does not.


personalized wedding flowers-an everlasting gift


To have a good image, I need to have flowers as fresh as possible.  I then arrange them on my scanner and make the necessary adjustments so the light is just right.  I have also used this method to do wall art :




Dogwood and Red Maple

Dogwood and Red Maple









You can learn more about scanography and see the beautiful imagery at


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Scanography of wedding bouquets

FosterDMScanography is more commonly referred to as scanner photography. It is the process of capturing digitized images of objects for the purpose of creating printable art using a flatbed photo scanner. Fine art scanography differs from traditional document scanning by using atypical objects, often three dimensional, as well as from photography. The process records extremely fine detail with a rather shallow depth of field and produces a digital file (or “digital negative”) for printmaking. The luminosity of these images really is outstanding.

Intensive “cleaning up” of the image is needed because the flowers have lots of dust and pollen and debris that shakes out on the glass platen of the scanner.

Most of my work to date has been with calligraphy and pressed flowers and now this is a new direction for QuilliGraphy

Wedding bouquets are perfect for this medium.  A lasting memory is created and the beauty of the flowers is retained forever.  With my calligraphy skills I then add in the name of the couple and the date of their wedding….creating a “forever” treasure for the couple.

Most brides choose the 11 x 14 size but an 8 x 10 size is also available.
All information about the process and what is required is available on my website.


White roses


White lilacs




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Flowers, Flowers, Flowers



I love to grow them


                                                  I love to photograph themSONY DSC








I love cut flowers in the house



                 I love to press them for my artwork


Posy with bleeding hearts

See my pressed flower and calligraphy work at







And NOW I love to scan them for my new scanograpy work.


bridal bouquet








Visit my website to see all these beautiful scanography images.  You will be delighted.



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Some thoughts on inspiration

My guides for inspiration.


Keep your eyes wide open for inspiration!

Look for a beautiful sunset.  Feast your eyes on the perfection of flowers – the perfection of their colors and of their conformation. Did you realize that none of the colors in nature clash with each other?

See the world through the camera’s lens and you will be inspired by the beauty that you have chosen to record.  It will also help you to focus on your subject with clarity. This will give you an appreciation for form.

sunset photo tips


Keep your ears open for inspiration!

Listen to a John Phillip Sousa march: then listen for the sound of the birds singing on a new Spring day.

Hear the 23rd Psalm word for word.  Sit back and hear a Beethoven Symphony in your heart and WONDER that he was deaf.  It brings me to tears and I think you will experience joy.  Feel that experience; let it soak into your inner being; let it imprint on you.  When you need inspiration you can call up the memory of how you felt during those moments.Beethoven

Posy with Music

There are so many ways to be inspired and I will be blogging more about them.  For now please enjoy these and make them part of your inspiration journey.


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On Winter






Winter-the very word is chilling, austere;

And yet in the tangle of icicles, snow, sleet

The heart beats with such strength as to overwhelm.

We all know that Spring renews life

But without the death that is winter

there is no life to renew.

To reach the very core of one’s being is

to love winter – to exalt in the

clear, cold frosty nights and

the bright, sunny January days.

I never realized how much I love cold weather—

Until now.




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